SALSA With RandomEyes v1.5.5

SALSA With RandomEyes v1.5.5

Includes two comprehensive products to simplify lipsync, eye movement, and facial expressions:

Simple Automated Lip Sync Approximation provides high quality, language-agnostic, lip sync approximation for your 2D and 3D characters using Sprites or BlendShapes. Audio dialog files are processed in real-time to automate the lip sync process. Results are superior to basic jaw bone animations, without labor intensive phoneme mapping.

Included with SALSA, RandomEyes provides random and programmable eye movement, blinking, and eye tracking, on any number of eyes for your 2D and 3D characters using Sprites or BlendShapes.

RandomEyes for 3D characters also includes:
Custom Shapes - A procedural facial animation system that allows fully automated or manually controlled emotional expression.
Shape Groups - Combine multiple BlendShapes into complex, multi-shape, facial expressions right in the editor.

Both systems include options to send event-based responses for speech and custom shapes to specified GameObjects.

Custom component inspectors provide code-free configurable options, while our simple API provides code accessibility from any Unity supported scripting language. Manuals, sample scripts, and several demo scenes are included.

Supports Unity & Unity Pro. Tested on Windows, Mac, Linux, legacy Web-Player, Android, IOS, Windows Store UWP (8 & 10 .NET Core), WP8, and WP10.
No support for WebGL.
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