Flux v2.1.5


Flux is built from the ground up to be the best cinematic editor for Unity, focusing on performance, usability, determinism, and extensibility.

Note that from Flux 2.x, it will only support Unity 5 given the big changes in their animation system.

Not only it can be used to create cut-scenes (aka sequences), but also setup complex UI animations, letting you better control what is done when, and making it much easier to tie with sound and particle systems. All this without needing to add a line of code!

It is tightly integrated with the Unity sub-systems, specially animation. Created to be an excellent citizen in Unity, doing everything possible to not dirty the scenes, supporting Undo extensively, and scrubbing of the timeline both in editor mode and runtime.

Since 2.x, it also supports playing backwards, and everything - including animation blends - will just work! It now supports Playmaker!

Asset version: 2.1.5
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