2.5D Oblique Projection v1.1

2.5D Oblique Projection

2.5D Oblique Projection – download Unity asset

Oldschool isometric camera:

- Create the retro look of old isometric games, but now in 3d!
- Perfect for simulation games and sidescrollers!
- Also great for technical illustrations and minimaps!
- Works 95% like an orthographic camera (see caveats), so movement, rotation, shaders, shadows, gizmos, etc. work as you're used to, at the performance you're used to!

- The camera has the same restrictions and features as Unity's orthographic camera (e.g. deferred rendering is not supported).
- The Unity mouse system (onmousedown, etc.) is not supported. You can use raycasting, of course. Example included.
- Occlusion Culling has not been tested.

Models used in the demonstration and screenshots are freely available on the asset store. Thanks Nobiax & Unity!

Asset version: 1.1
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