Sprite Baking Studio (3D to 2D) v2.2.0

Sprite Baking Studio (3D to 2D)

Sprite Baking Studio (3D to 2D) – download Unity asset

You can take pictures of various models in various directions. Output files are sprite sheets and animation clips that can be used for 2D or 2.5D games.

※ New Feature!
Detached Shadow (experimental)
Sprites can be arranged in order

※ Features:
ㅇ Various models are available
└ Legacy and mechanim animation model
└ Particle System model
└ Animated rigid model
└ Stationary model
ㅇ Continuous filming in various directions
ㅇ Various shadows
└ Oval-shaped simple shadow
└ Realistic shadow (Two methods)
└ Only shadow can be baked without model.
ㅇ Creating sprite sheets (pivot info preserved)
ㅇ Creating animation clips
ㅇ Variation and Preview
ㅇ Baking Static Models at Once

Asset version: 2.2.0
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    1. wow thanks bro !
      it's about 3 years that i'm trying to find this
      but i couldn't