Inventory v0.6.2


Inventory is a highly flexible tool made for Game Creator that allows to easily create items, manage inventories and craft using recipes.

It's Plug & Play. No configuration is needed and works for Unity Personal, Plus and PRO.

Inventory is an extension for Game Creator and won't work without it.

???? FEATURES ????

- Create items with one click
- Complete and flexible crafting system
- Easily equip your characters with objects - Customizable inventory UI
- Automatic Save & Load
- Built-in Shop functionality to sell and buy


With Game Creator you'll have access to an ever growing number of modules.

• Dialogue
• Quests
• Stats

These modules have been carefully crafted so they seamlessly integrate with your game using Game Creator's Module Manager.

???? INCLUDED ????

Full Source Code
Two examples of inventory:
- Adventure Inventory UI
- RPG Inventory UI
- Example scene showing the main features

Complete set of new Actions:
- Items: Add and Substract
- Currency: Add and Substact
- Inventory UI: Open/Close the inventory interface
- Recipe: Select two items from the inventory and produce some fancy result
- Shop: Buy and Sell items for currency
- Instantiate Item: Drop items so you can pick them up again (or make them explode. Up to you!)

Asset version: 0.6.2
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