Level Maker v0.7

Level Maker

Level Maker (LM) is a tool for working with level kits and prefabs. It allows for quick and easy creation of levels even with prefabs that are not grid aligned or were not made for grid spacing. Level Maker allows for perfect alignment of assets even when the assets are not evenly spaced. Level Maker allows for placing of assets in any direction so you're not constrained to perpendicular alignments.

LM is currently in an early release phase and the price will increase to $30 once version 1.0 is finalized.

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*** LM DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY MODELS OR PREFABS *** The piping kit and road kits shown are free assets but other asset kits must be purchased.

LM is data driven so levels are stored in a data file and can be brought in with a single file. Just import the asset kit used in the level and click a button to instantiate an entire level.

Version 2.0 will introduce patterns and procedural level generation.

Includes databases for the following assets with more to come.
***NOTE*** Only the databases are included. The assets kits must be downloaded or purchased separately.

Asset version: 0.7
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