Facebook SDK Action+ for PlayMaker v3.0.2

Facebook SDK Action+ for PlayMaker

Version 3.0: Rewrite Everything based on PLUG n' PLAY feature. This mean, you just add the actions into the state then the rest will be done automatically. You don’t have to care about tons of required steps.

- Official Facebook SDK 7.9 Tested on iOS and Android.

- NEW: Auto init/Login/Authentication Facebook. Each action can automaticlly works alone

- NEW: Native Array for PlayMaker for parsing Infomations

- NEW: Auto Custom Leader Board.

- NEW: Invite friends install your App/Game via iTune Store and Google Play.

- Integrating official Facebook SDK into your Apps/Games easily like ever before.

- Get your Apps/Games have Facebook ready in less than ONE minute.
- No coding require. Just Plug and Play
- No other Asset.
- These included over most common Facebook combined with handy uGUI actions to pick out what you need easily.

- One click for Facebook LeaderBoard with Custom Design. Automaticlly parse information to uGUI.

- Take, save to local Screenshot and post to Wall, runs in background.

- Native Invite/Request multi-friends with return report to reward users.

- Every action has it own Tooltips and criticle note.

Asset version: 3.0.2
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