Pro Material Combiner v1.3

Pro Material Combiner

This is ProMaterial Combiner. (it does exactly the same that ProMaterialCombiner++ does).
ProMaterialCombiner++ includes:
- Source code.
- Reuse textures to make atlases smaller.
- Batch mode: Combine several objects materials.

ProMaterial Combiner is an editor extension that will combine materials with 1 click. Quick and easy.

Custom shaders?, no worries; the tool works with any shader.
NOTE: If your UVs are outside [0,0-1,1] and you are using textures your combined material will look wrong; make sure your UVs are inside [0,0-1,1] for your objects
NOTES: - UNITY 5, 2017, 2018, 2019+ supported.
- Easy, Just select your object and click combine.
- No scripting required.
- Meshes automatically set up and adjusted.
- Supports any shader (detected automatically).
- Full lightmapping support.
- Your source assets will not be touched.
- Works with colored and textured materials.
- Supports tiled materials.
- Generate prefabs from the combined object.
- Supports skinned mesh renderers.
- Malformed UVs on colored-only materials are organized automatically.

NOTE: In order to combine materials all shaders have to be the same type.

Asset version: 1.3
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