ShaderOne [BETA] v0.21

ShaderOne [BETA]

ShaderOne allows you to create a single customizable shader that you can use on everything in your project like GameObjects, Particles, Terrain, GUI which has unlit, lit, PBR and normal diffuse lighting. With this shader, you can do all of the following effects, optimized to run on mobile and VR:

Diffuse Simple and Wrap






Map UV's to World Position


Tint Lightmaps ( day/night )



Chromatic Aberration


Scan Lines

Rim Lighting



Surface Map*

Alpha Map*

Specular Map*

Splat Map (Unity Terrain or Mesh terrain)

Cell Animation


Progress Meters

Volumetric Fog and Solid Fog

Unlit, PBR, Diffuse Lighting and Specular only lighting

Smoothness, Roughness and Specular workflows

Supports the Curved World Asset

Works with Unity forward lighting or our own custom lighting which can have up to 4 directional lights, 16 point lights and 16 spotlights in one shader pass without using SRP. ShaderOne lets you decide how many lights are rendered per vertex or per pixel.

ShaderOne works right out of the box, having no set up, you can just select ShaderOne and it’ll just work with its default settings. But you can customize it for your project using the ShaderOne Generator; it’s as simple as Ticking what you want and pressing Generate, ShaderOne will create your personalized shader on the spot in no time.

ShaderOne is an alternative to node based shaders. Whenever possible, ShaderOne will pull your settings from the standard shader (along with some other shaders) when switching from the standard shader to make migrating to shaderOne as easy as possible. Saves on development time, less room for mistakes and built with speed as a top priority. Each instance of the shader only does what options YOU turn on, ensuring that the shader is always running as fast as possible.

* Surface, Specular and Alpha Maps can store data for metallic, smoothness, roughness, ambient occlusion, parallax height, unlit mask, and progress/dissolve gradient. The Surface map can even be set up to read in UE4 substance painter files to make transitioning from UE4 to Unity easy.

Asset version: 0.21
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