Crucial Collider Gizmo v1.5

Crucial Collider Gizmo

Are you tired of hunting through your heirarchy to find all your triggers? Wish you had a quick way to visualize those dynamic volumes you created? On top of that, wouldn't it be great if you could color code and essentially style any collider that you wish to make visible, on an instance of an object or the prefab itself? Well, your solution has arrived!

Crucial Collider Gizmo takes seconds to apply to your objects, but will save you hours of headaches. Choose whether your game object's collider should have a :

- wireframe
- face fill
- center marker

Then, using color pickers spawned right out of the inspector, pick the color and the alpha you want each of those former elements (wireframe, face fill, center marker) to be. If you'd rather not pick the colors manually, choose from any of the supplied color presets by simply selecting one in the Crucial Collider Gizmo inspector. On top of all this, you can make use of an overall transparency slider. All of these features combined are almost guaranteed to make it easy to get the exact appearance you desire for your colliders.

Crucial Collider Gizmo works with all 2D/3D box and spherical colliders/triggers. It can even be set to apply the styling to all child object colliders as well, so it's great even on complex objects. Will work great on your prefabs of kill volumes, camera volumes, enemy spawn triggers and the like. Style all your instances in one place, and make them easily recognizable in your scene.

Asset version: 1.5
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