Find Reference 2 v2.4.3

Find Reference 2

Find Reference 2 – download Unity asset

Optimize final build size and keep your project clean

What can FR2 do for me?

1. Reduce final build size how?
2. Remove all unused assets how?
3. Merge & remove duplicated assets how?
4. Split big project to smaller modules how?
5. Find where an asset being used how?

- Fuzzy search, asset type filter, asset grouping & sorting
- Ignore folders, lock selection, multiple panels
- Blazing fast - built for HUGE 100GB+ PROJECTS
- Full C# source code
- Top notch support 24/7
- Works with Unity 5.x, 2017.x, 2018.x, 2019.x

Asset version: 2.4.3
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    1. This is Version​ ​1.2.10
      Works​ ​with​ ​Unity​ ​4.3+​ ​and​ ​Unity​ ​5.x