Realtime CSG v1.408

Realtime CSG

Realtime CSG is a 'BSP' level design tool that allows you to Intuitively & rapidly create levels

With it's non-destructive workflow you can easily adjust your levels at any time and iterate with instant feedback

* Frequent updates can be downloaded from the support site!

* Quickly block out a level by adding and removing shapes, called brushes, from your scene
* Realtime CSG operations allow you to move around brushes that remove parts of the scene, and brushes that add to the scene without making any change permanent.
* Create brushes by using stairs generators or draw shapes, boxes & cylinders on surfaces and extrude them
* Create curved surfaces by extruding curved shapes
* Edit your brushes by moving edges, vertices, by clipping, splitting or chamfering (bevelling) your vertices/edges
* Create more complicated shapes by combining groups of brushes together with CSG operations
* Create prefabs out of brushes and operations and drag & drop them into the scene, automatically aligned and snapped
* Edit your texturing by dragging, rotating or scaling your material over the brushes
* Automatically creates your collision geometry

* Snap to the grid or other brushes
* Rotate and scale the grid you snap to
* Start the world as solid or empty
* Export to FBX
* Full hierarchical CSG
* Instant feedback to your changes!

Asset version: 1.408
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