Scene Cleaner Pro v0.3

Scene Cleaner Pro

Scene Cleaner Pro automatically keeps your Unity scene hierarchy mess-free.

With the click of a single button, Scene Cleaner Pro re-formats all objects in your scene in a clean and neat way, allowing you to quickly get an overview of the hierarchy and saving you lots of time!

- Works out-of-the-box as a single-click solution
- Advanced features enables you to setup your own rulesets for the hierarchy cleanup, based on tags, component type, name prefix, empty objects, or even a defined area in your scene
- Avoids breaking up prefabs while cleaning any Unity scene in less than a second
- Cleans empty objects based on a ruleset that first checks if some objects can be deleted, merged, or re-arranged
- Minimal file-size with no impact on engine performance, making the asset quick and easy to work with

Is Scene Cleaner Pro for me?
Scene Cleaner Pro can be used by anyone, either as an out-of-the-box one click solution, or as an advanced hierarchy cleanup tool. Especially useful while prototyping where a scene hierarchy quickly becomes a mess that is both painful and boring to manually reform. Also useful for any first-time Unity game developer due to its easy-to-use interface.

This asset was developed in collaboration with Valdemar Voss

Asset version: 0.3
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