Tiled TMX Importer v1.45

Tiled TMX Importer

Load your maps from the Tiled editor straight into Unity's native Tilemap system introduced in 2017.2!

Tile Palettes are generated from your Tiled tilesets, allowing further editing or real-time destruction from within your game!

Full Source Included

Currently Supported:
- Edit time loading of TMX files into a scene
- Orthogonal orientation
- *NEW FOR 2018.2* Hexagonal Orientation
- *NEW FOR 2018.3* Isometric Orientation
- Tiled Objects
- Custom Tiled properties
- Rotations
- Tile Layers
- Image layers
- Group layers
- Tags
- Referenced tilesets
- Embedded tilesets
- Single-image tilesets
- Animation
- Tile render order
- Base64 decoding
- Zlib-decompression
- G-Zip decompression
- Plain XML data mode
- Tiled 1.1 Infinite Map support
- Tiled 1.1 Object Template support

Also included is a Pixel Perfect follow camera script to kick-start your 2D game :)

Asset version: 1.45
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