True Clouds/Fog (Mobile & PC) v1.5

True Clouds/Fog (Mobile & PC)

True Clouds/Fog (Mobile & PC) – download Unity asset

Tested on Unity 5.6.0.f3; 2017.2.f03; 2018.1.b10


This is the most efficient solution for rendering volumetric clouds, fog or mist that is availible on the Asset Store.
Optimised for mobiles. Insanely fast on PC.

Just add a script to your camera, choose clouds layer and enjoy!
This package provides:

- Volumetric rendering
- Full artistic control (any mesh can be rendered as a cloud. Even skinned animations are supported)
- Volumetric lights/tint for the clouds
- Blending with opaque/cutout objects
- Silver lining support
- Noise support (affects shape, color, and transparency)
- Noise generator included (various options to get a variety of noises. Developed specially for clouds)
- Customisable quality/performance balance
- And yes, it's fast.

Takes 7 ms on Nexus 5x to render.
Takes 0.5ms on a laptop with low-end GeForce 940m.
Runs at smooth 60 fps on modern IOS devices.

Asset version: 1.5
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