Ultimate Screenshot Creator v1.4.3

Ultimate Screenshot Creator

Ultimate Screenshot Creator - download Unity asset

Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.
ULTIMATE SCREENSHOT CREATOR is the most complete and customizable screenshot creator available on the asset store. The asset is powerful, flexible, easy to use, and works in Editor and on all platforms.

For developers, it is the ideal tool to create professional marketing pictures, wallpapers and mobile store screenshots, using custom cameras, resolutions, backgrounds, watermarks, and more. Use the composition and batches process to generate hundred of multilingual promotional pictures in one click.

For your users, it is the ideal tool to take in-game screenshots with a lot of custom settings, and to display and manage the screenshots from the game. Perfect for AR apps.

The asset is very flexible and can be used in several ways to match your needs, with the Editor Window, the Screenshot Manager component, the Simple Screenshot Taker, and even direct calls from scripts to capture Screenshots or Textures.

For Unity 5.0 to 2019.1


• (NEW) Take sreenshots in-game on all platforms.
• (NEW) Export your screenshots to the Android Gallery.
• (NEW) Export your screenshots to the iOS Camera Roll.
• (NEW) Customizable in-game gallery to manage screnshots.
• (NEW) Display a validation UI to the user to save the screenshot or discard it.
• (NEW) Display a screenshot thumbnailwhen taking screenshots.
• (NEW) Export the screenshots to platforms Picture Folder.
• (NEW) Capture off-screen scenes.


• (NEW) Generate hundreds of multilingual promotional pictures with the customizable composer and batch process.
• Capture multiple resolution screenshots in one click.
• (NEW) Create custom presets and collections that can be shared between projects.
• (NEW) A localization feature has been added to easily localize your screenshots, and can be used independently to localize your whole game.
• Customizable set of cameras with custom rendering properties, such as culling mask, clear mode, clear color and field of view.
• Customizable overlay system to automatically include your game logo, watermarks, and more.
• (NEW) Export to separated layers.
• (NEW) Create custom process to be used in automated screenshot generation.
• In-game preview with photography guidesto better frame your screenshots.
• Burst mode not to miss the best moments, or to be used as input of a GIF creator software.
• Ultra HD screenshots, perfect to print large marketing signs.
• (NEW) Capture only a sub-part of the screen with the Capture Area Selection.
• Powerful naming system with symbols to customize the export folder and file names.
• Easily export screenshots for all Stores(Amazon, Google Play, App Store, Windows Store, etc.)


• Clear and detailed documentation.
• Regular updates.
• New features added regularly.
• Reactive and efficient customer support.

More Features:

• (NEW) Use the Screenshot Editor Windowto easily take screenshots in editor.
• (NEW) Use the Simple Screenshot Taker to easily take screenshots from one line of code.
• Export to PNG and JPG.
• Robust transparent background solution.
• Landscape and portrait mode.
• Screenshot preview, with photography guides.
• Customizable shot sound.
• Customizable hotkeys.
• Customizable export folder.
• Align cameras to view utils.
• Time management utils.
• Automatically increment file names or override existing files.
• Compatible with the new Post Process Stack.
• (NEW) Support multi-display settings.
• (NEW) Support of WebGL.
• Use the delegates to call your code during the capture process.
• It can capture perfectly all game UI, including Unity 4.6 and later UI system.

You want more? With Multi Device Preview & Gallery, get an accurate preview of your game on any devices, with multiple resolutions, aspects, and physical sizes (ppi simulation) at a glance. It contains all the features of this asset, and much more.

Asset version: 1.4.3
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