Hair Designer v1.5.7

Hair Designer

Hair designer is an amazing tool for generating dynamic hair and fur within unity editor.

Easy :
With a single component you can paint strands on the mesh. You can add layers with different settings and materials.

Full control :
you control the polycount, and the material settings in the same component : Shape, colors, density, wave, bounciness...
4 amazing customizable shaders : Texture Atlas, procedural hair&fur, standard and fire/aura.
The fur generator is really easy to use, you can draw the fur on the model !
Generate your own hair texture with the included generator. Automatic generation of diffuse, normal, ao and Specular/aniso. You can change the settings and apply them in no time!
Fast :
For each layer, hair strands are packed into a single mesh. Motion is computed by GPU, it's very fast!

Dynamic :
Hair & Fur are deformed in the same way than the original mesh. Animation follow bones motion and inertia.

Quality :
The hair shader draw each strand with random parameters, so each strand look different. Rendering looks more natural.

source code included in PRO version No support for mobile

Asset version: 1.5.7
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