Dissonance Voice Chat v6.4.0

Dissonance Voice Chat

Dissonance Voice Chat – download Unity asset

Dissonance makes it easy to add real-time voice chat to your game.
* Simple drag and drop setup - no scripting required.
* Works with any network system.
* Great audio quality, performance and compression with the Opus codec.
* Positional/Spatialized audio playback through the Unity audio mixer.
* Multiple chat rooms, player to player chat, speaker priority and more.
* Detailed documentation and responsive support.
* All C# source code included! C++ source code available on request.
* Powerful scripting API.
* Windows (Desktop & UWP/Hololens), Linux, Android, MacOS, iOS & Magic Leap.

Network Integrations:
* Mirror
* Dark Rift 2
* Forge Remastered
* Photon Unity Networking (Classic)
* Photon Unity Networking 2
* Photon BOLT
* Steamworks.NET (P2P)
* WebRTC Network (P2P)
* Custom scripted network backend
How to choose the correct network for your application.

Other Integrations:
* SALSA Lip Sync

Asset version: 6.4.0
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