Omnibar Quick Search Command Bar v1.0.1

Omnibar Quick Search Command Bar

Omnibar Quick Search Command Bar – download Unity asset

Omnibar - the quick search command bar to speed up your workflow by 117%! **

Getting Started
Just press Ctrl-G (or Cmd-G for Mac) to bring up the command bar, then type anything.

Omnibar can search through:
* project view
* hierarchy (scene)
* unity menu items
* any menu items added by other plugins
* manual/script reference pages

You can also use CamelCasing to sift through all your assets at lightning speeds.

Besides searching it also provides quick shortcuts, e.g.
* Filtering by type
* Un/load scenes
* Reset position/rotation/scale
* Create Named Groups from the current selection
* Create prefabs
* Instantiate from prefabs
* Move current selection under another game object
* Create your own Custom Commands
and more...

You can also quickly drag and drop from the results on the scene/gameobjects.

Asset version: 1.0.1
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