Translucent Image - High performance Blur behind UI v2.2

Translucent Image - High performance Blur behind UI

Translucent Image brings iOS/MacOS/Fluent-design beautiful translucent UI to your game at minimal performance cost, making it the perfect choice for performance & power critical platform like mobile

- Fastest blur effect available on the Asset Store.
- Simple to use with tight Editor integration.
- Look as you expect at any resolution.
- Fully customizable, not only blur-ness, but many more to make your UI your.
- You won't lose any normal UI features like Sliced sprite, Masking, Canvas Group,...
- Fully documented source code include.

- Does not work with world space UI at the moment.
- No single-pass VR support yet.
- While it is much faster than others, blurring is still a demanding effect, so it might not run smoothly on weaker mobile devices, more here

Asset version: 2.2
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