X-Frame FPS Accelerator v3.1

X-Frame FPS Accelerator

X-Frame FPS Accelerator reduces lag and contributes to higher FPS (Frames Per Second) providing a smooth gameplay to your users.

X-Frame is intended for mobile devices (Android and iOS tested) and HDPI screens. As mobile screens pack more and more pixels per inch, you can afford losing some pixels to get those extra FPS when needed.

X-Frame works best with scenes with heavy shaders and/or image effects.

Includes several methods from static downsamplers which apply specified optimizations regardless of current fps to an adaptative method which varies the image quality depending on current FPS.

X-Frame, although customizable, has been designed to work out-of-the-box, just add the main script to your camera and you will gain immediate FPS.

You can customize:
• the downsampling method (2 static + 1 dynamic adaptative algorithms).
• the desired minimum FPS.
• the minimum acceptable quality. This minimum can range from a very low value to get the maximum FPS when needed to a high value to get some extra FPS but without loosing too much image quality.
• a minimum quality when camera is not moving or rotating.
• a nice FPS factor, beyond this X-Frame seamlessly deactivates, reactivating itself again if FPS drops.
• optional antialias + sharpen pass.
• dynamic control of pixel light count + shadows management.
• advanced options based on users feedback based on real cases - quality adaptation speed, rendering methods, ...

Get X-Frame FPS Accelerator now and boost your mobile game performance!

Asset version: 3.1
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      3.2.2 is already out