Animation Converter v1.02p03

Animation Converter

⭐ Humanoid ⇆ Generic ⇆ Legacy
Convert between all 3 animation types in every possible combination.

⭐ Convert Unity Animation Clips (*.anim)
Natively Unity can only convert animations when importing them from a 3D modeling format (*.fbx, *.blend,...).

⭐ Motion Capture to Generic/Legacy
Convert (free) motion captured animations to make them useable for your Generic/Legacy characters.

⭐ Reuse Animations
Convert Generic/Legacy animations created for one character to a Generic/Legacy animation useable by a different character.

⭐ *.anim to Humanoid
Convert animations created using Unity's Animation Window to Humanoid.

⭐ Extensible
Comes with an easy to use C# API and with the full source code of the editor window.

⭐ Detailed Manual
Detailed HTML based manual in a similar style as the official Unity® manual.

Asset version: 1.02p03
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