Blueprints v1.0


Tired of having to manually update all your scenes whenever you make any change to your prefabs?

Waiting for nested prefabs?

Don't want to implement new frameworks?

Described as 'the playmaker for developers'

We present a nice addition to the Unity editor to help you minimize problems and increase re-usability.

With our dependency window we show missing scene dependencies and help you navigate through the scene.

We introduce a new concept: "the blueprint" that complements prefabs with some awesome features:

- Instantiate multiple prefabs as 1 component ( even in different hierarchies)

- Have external component dependencies managed automatically when instantiating

-Generate scenes for each component so that you can test them separately and treat your levels like instantiated prefabs

Asset version: 1.0
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      Create a 2D Action Game with Unity And Csharp/Create a 2D Action Game with Unity C#

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