Chatbot v1.3.4


Asset to parse AIML 1.0.1 files in Unity. Webplayer basic example can be found here. This is used to make a chatbot. You can write your own AIML "brain" and let your characters speak and interact with your scripts.
This is possible due to Jurassic, a fully integrated jаvascript runtime compiler. You can write your jаvascript into the AIML files and preprocess your AIML code through the jаvascript function main(){return"";} before the bot answers. Exception handling in Unity console, pass and get global variables, do regular java script commands while processing AIML files. Now Chatbot framework is introduced, bridging the gap between Program #, Jurassic and implementation in your game. Advanced Example added and will be improved continous in next updates, as there are thousends of categorys to rewrite. The possibilitys are infinite.

Current supported platforms: PC, Mac & Linux standalone, Webplayer, WebGL for Unity 5.2.0f3 upwards, Android and IOS. Now full support for basic and advanced example on all named plattforms. More example scenes will be added in next updates.
Supports Unity 4.0.0 - 5.x

Asset version: 1.3.4
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