ProFlares v1.04


ProFlares is the ultimate Lens Flare plugin for Unity. A complete set of editor tools for creating and animating realistic lens flares. ProFlares gives you the ability to create a vast array of different styles of lens flares with ease.

*NEW* Unity5 Support

*NEW* Performance Boost - Massive reduction CPU usage!

*NEW* Flare Culling System - Improves performance for scenes that use lots of flares.

Oculus VR Support* - Simple and low latency.

High Performance - ProFlares is powered by a custom high performance automatic batching system that allows you to create multiple complex flares with only one draw call. ProFlares does this with no runtime allocations

Artist Friendly - Designed from the ground up to be used by artists, no code or scripting required. Just use the intuitive interface to create a flare from scratch or modify one of the many example flares included with ProFlares.

· Full iOS & Android Support
· Does NOT Require Unity Pro
· Zero Run time allocations
· 20+ Professional Examples Flares
· 120+ High Res Lens Element Library
· Split Screen Support
· Texture Packer Atlas Import Support
· Full source code included

Asset version: 1.04
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