Accelerometer Control

Accelerometer Control

he easiest way to incorporate accelerometer control functionality into your mobile game. Just add our control to your player game object set couple of options and you'll be ready to go. In addition to the accelerometer control, this package includes a fully working game with unlimited sky road creations.

This package has the following features:

* Speed | Handling | Rotation
* Min Roll | Max Roll | Roll
* Limits Imposed: Set it to true if you like to force the accelerometer to boost acceleration at limit levels.
* Camera Rotation X - Tilt Up and Down Camera View
* Camera Offset Y - Take Camera Up and Down
* Camera Offset Z - How close camera is from the spaceship. Very cool effect if you get close to the player.
* Debug Mode: Set it to true if you like to allow your spaceship to fly forward. This is mainly to test automatic road generation.
* Debug Velocity: How fast your player will go during debug mode.

In Addition for limited time we are also including!!!
- 2 Spaceships models
- 4 Roads
- 2 Fuel Tanks
- GUI Menu / Pause / Resume / Restart
- 4 Different Scenes showing camera close up mode scene, auto shooter option scene, debug mode scene, and a base scene showing the default control.
- Player script that allows shooting of rockets in automatic mode and also on demand.
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