iS.RTS Camera v2.3

iS.RTS Camera

iS.RTS Camera 2.0
The Ultimate Camera Solution of RTS Liked Games

Now with 2D Support and 2D RTS Demo Game.

#NEW# Mouse dragging movement and rotate control supported.
Watch 2D Demo Video Here.

iS.RTS Camera can be use for any kind of RTS style game, like tower defense, turn-based, Top-Down and MOBA games.

It's coded clearly with C#, in a flexible and modular style, and included all the functions that RTS cameras need.
iS.RTS Camera supports all platforms and has plenty of ways to control: touch, keyboard and mouse.

Notable Features:
1 : Integrated touch, mouse and keyboard control.
2 : Integrated follow, fixed point and many more useful functions
2 : Powerful and easy to setup. With 3D and 2D support.
3 : Supports all platforms.
4 : Coding clearly uses C#, flexible and modular.
5 : Fully optimized for mobile devices.
6 : Ground check function to lifting with ground high.
7 : Custom zoom animation.
8 : Includes full documentations and video tutorials.
9 : Full email real-time technical support (English only).

Asset version: 2.3
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