Glyph 3D v1.3.0.1

Glyph 3D

Generate 3D letters and glyphs inside Unity with just about any TTF font.

No need to open Maya, Blender or 3DS Max - save the trip, and do it in the Unity Editor. Works out of the box - no plugins are required.

Generated letters will be available as a mesh in unity, free for you to rotate, scale and apply materials.

Please read the documentation before making a purchase, as there are a few caveats. You can find a direct link here.

⇒ Import just about any True Type Font and use it to generate 3D letters and glyphs
⇒ Generated meshes works on all devices
⇒ Editor extension does NOT depend on OS code. Currently tested on Windows and iOS.
⇒ Apply materials to Front-/back- and border faces.
⇒ Supports Vertex colors
⇒ Omit backface and/or borders to reduce polygon count.
⇒ Selectable detail level
⇒ Some support for OTF fonts.
⇒ Save configuration in scriptable objects

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