Mobile Lighting Box (NextGen Mobile Lighting) v1.1

Mobile Lighting Box (NextGen Mobile Lighting)

The fastest way to reach to a high level of mobile visuals inside unity.

Mobile Lighting Box has designed to make it possible to bring Nextgen graphics into mobile devices even from most low-end devices with Mali400 gpus

Also there are a lot of videos about learning how to enhance your graphics and lightmapping skills

Don't worry about performance. Lighting Box effects are very optimized . Also you can easily just drag In Game settings menu prefab into your scene to let your players to toggle effects on or off to get the best performance

Visuals/Graphics :
- ACES Filmic Tonemapping + Color grading
- Next-gen game style tonemapping and color grading with low performance cost and compatible with all mobile phones even most low-end devices
- Control over Contrast,Exposure,Gamma and color balance in realtime (you don't need lut or photoshop)
- Optimized vignette effect
- Sun shaft effect with the best quality per performance settings
- Automatic easy to use fog settings adjustment
- A lot of shaders for mobiles

- Save load settings into profiles
- Lighting triggers for switching to a new profile during gameplay
- All in one windows for whole scene settings related to lighting and optimization

- Batch Material converter to convert all default materials into optimized ones
- Batch texture importer to reduce final build size with just a few clicks (up to ~50% optimizing)

Asset version: 1.1
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