ReUniter - Better Search For Unity v1.10

ReUniter - Better Search For Unity

ReUniter is a better search asset for Unity. Works with both Unity Free and Pro. Similar to Launchy, Spotlight, Alfred, Quicksilver. Inspired by ReSharper.

Endorsed by the makers of 2D Toolkit and DOTween (see reviews below).

- Navigate to Game Object (Ctrl-G or - Navigate to Asset (Ctrl-T or Command-T) - search as you type through assets in the Project window
- Recent Items (Ctrl-E or Command-E) - quick navigation to recently selected items (regardless of whether they were selected via ReUniter or not - this keeps track of the Unity current selection as it appears in the Inspector window)
- Typed search: use ":material", ":scene", ":texture" or anything shorter (":ma", ":sce", etc)
- Execute selection - quickly open up scripts or change scenes
- Fuzzy ranked search - begins with, contains, wildcard searches, CamelCase search
- Recent items also works for standard unity windows (like the ones in Edit-Project Settings)

Some example searches:
- ":ma blue" finds all materials with blue in their name
- ":sha ble ver" finds all shaders with both "ble" and "ver" in their names
- ":tex red" finds all textures with "red" in their name
- ":s" finds all shaders, scripts and scenes
- ":boxcoll" or ":renderer" will find all game objects in the hierarchy that have a BoxCollider or Renderer component

Full source code included.

Asset version: 1.10
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