Demolition Media Hap v0.9.5

Demolition Media Hap

he industry-proven GPU accelerated Hap video codec playback solution for Unity.

— (new) 10k@50fps playback
— (new) Unity 2017 support
— (new) Non-multiple of 2 video resolutions
— (new) Playback speed control
— Hardware accelerated Hap video playback without any external codecs installation needed. Both Hap and Hap Q are supported.
— Low CPU/memory usage. Frames are decompressed on the GPU.
— Play 4k @ 120 fps or 8k @ 60 fps videos, play multiple videos at once. Extremely fast frame-precise seeking.
— Transparent videos with Hap Alpha and Hap Q Alpha codecs. First plugin to support Hap Q Alpha in Unity.
— Chunked Hap support for even faster multi-threaded decoding.
— Works with the majority of graphics interfaces: DX9, DX11, OpenGL, Metal on desktop platforms. DX12 on the way!
— Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds supported! Even on OS X!
— Audio output through the Unity Native Audio plugin and AudioSource.
— Can preload video to memory if your SSD isn't fast enough
— Suits for both programmers and artists: C# API along with IMGUI/uGUI wrappers provided.
— Example scenes with the typical usage scenarios.
— Free demo version available (link above)

Requirements for this asset version:
— Unity 5.x or Unity 2017.x
— Windows 7/8/10
— OS X 10.9 and above

Asset version: 0.9.5
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