Steam Leaderboards - Easy Steamworks Integration v1.24

Steam Leaderboards - Easy Steamworks Integration

The Easy Steamworks Integration brings various Steam features to your game with a very few clicks. The Steam Leaderboards plugin allows to load, sort and filter Steam Leaderboards; scores can be enriched with additional data (like replays/screenshots). You can integrate this plugin within your uGUI menus or trigger a popup leaderboard with a single line of code. The UI is highly customizable and can be adapted to the look of your game.

- single prefab drag n' drop for static UI
- single code line for popup UI
- highly customizable uGUI prefabs
- display leaderboards
- filter leaderboard entries (range, around user, friends)
- load Steam avatar textures
- submit scores
- format scores (numeric, seconds, milliseconds)
- add additional data (replays, screenshots)
- create leaderboards (rank order, display type, update type)

Asset version: 1.24
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