Crux - Procedural AI Spawner v1.1.1

Crux - Procedural AI Spawner

Crux is a runtime procedural AI spawner capable of spawning AI dynamically across terrains according to customized biomes and conditions. Crux eliminates the hassle of having to place AI by hand as well as allowing AI encounters to be realistic and unique every time. Crux works with all types of Unity terrains whether they are procedurally generated, designed by hand, or endless. Crux performs well by despawning AI that are out of range of your player and only making efficient calculations once every spawn interval.

Users create biomes that are defined by as many textures as needed. As the player moves through the terrain, the spawn position gets the texture and spawns AI according to the biome and the conditions. Each biome has 3 categories of AI; Wildlife, Creatures, and NPCs each with their own rarity and conditions for spawning. For example, your Wildlife category for the Forest Biome has a 60% of spawning. When a successful spawn happens, Crux randomly picks an AI from the Wilderness Category where deer and rabbits are common whereas fox and bear are rare. Crux uses customizable population caps for each object to help keep environments balanced and realistic. A simple wandering AI script and example scene are included (Assets shown are not included and are used for demonstration purposes.).

Asset version: 1.1.1
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