Asset Usage Finder v3.0.4

Asset Usage Finder

If you've got a project and need to quickly understand what it is about, this asset is right for you!

For every reference on an asset, a particular field where it's being used will be shown.

Works with NodeCanvas, Mecanim and uGUI

✓ Search inside Project, as well as inside Scene
✓ Search for usages of: Scripts, Shaders, Scenes, Materials, Sprites, Prefabs, Textures, Sounds and others
✓ Search for usages in: Prefabs, Scenes, Atlases, Materials and others
✓ Replace references
✓ Search for further usages in the same window
✓ Up to 20 times faster search thanks to cacheing
✓ Sources included
✓ Dark and light styles

Asset version: 3.0.4
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