Starter AI Code v1.3

Starter AI Code

This package is a starter pack for getting your AI code off the ground. It includes some common behavior states, mechanisms for customizing how your actor transitions between states, and the timings in which it checks for state transition criteria.
Included AI Behaviors:

-Grazing: wanders in random directions and stops to look around at specified intervals

-Patrol: moves between defined waypoints in an endless loop

-Enemy Patrol: moves in a patrol, but when the player is perceived begins pursuit.

-Battle Behavior: pursues the player and attacks when within the defined distance.

Sensor system allows for AI state changes based on custom criteria, such as when a player enters a vision cone, comes into a certain range of the enemy, or when the player damages the enemy, and so on. Sensors are attached to the actor hierarchy either directly or on their own child objects and become triggered when their custom criteria are met. Those triggered sensors go into determining when to change AI states.

Asset version: 1.3
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