Generic IK v1.1

Generic IK

Generics IK offers a simple and easy to use IK solution for both Humanoid and non-humanoid models with special focuses on Humanoid rigs.

Generic IK consists of 4 solvers that makes development easier all compacted together in 1 single easy to use script.
Or if wished, use your own custom classes, with super straightforward API to do IK

Whether your rig is Generic or Humanoid, Generic IK makes it easy to setup IK chains.
Generic IK puts some extra emphasis on Humanoid character and saves you time setting up bone references and chains by doing it automatically

the solvers are:
- Analytical Solver
- Cyclic Descend Solver
- Fast Reach Solver
- Directional Swing Solver
- Chain Kinematics Solver

the package includes the full source code

Asset version: 1.1
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