Eliot - AI Framework v1.2

Eliot - AI Framework

Create high quality AI in a matter of minutes with the help of visual programming and a library of algorithms that are ready to provide your Agents with almost any type of interaction you might want in your game.

Eliot is a set of tools that focus on letting you prototype and build characters (AI) in your games with as little distraction as possible. Focus on what is truly important to achieve the goal faster!

What makes Eliot outstanding? The amount of time you need to put into prototyping and/or building AI for your projects and the ability to think about WHAT you want to create and not HOW to create it. How is that achieved? By unique set of features that include built-in Visual Scripting, Skills, Waypoints and a rich system of simulation of a physical body of your Agents.


◽ Visual Scripting: Build complex behaviours within minutes. Take advantage of the power of visual scripting to edit behaviours on a human-language level as fast as you can verbalise it.

◽ Perception: Eliot Agents use rays to understand the world around them, being able to support Stealth genre as well as classical RPG style perception.

◽ Motion: Agents can move around using a system built with Unity NavMesh, A* Pathfinding Project Pro or with anything you extend it with. Includes a library of algorithms ready to provide you with almost any type of motion you might need in your game, such as walking, running, dodging, patrolling etc. Also includes turret mode.

◽ Inventory: Agents can pickup, use, wield and drop items. Items can be treated as weapons, potions, coins, resources etc.

◽ Resources: Agents live, die, use energy for actions. Take advantage of a system that lets Agents use resources, such as Health and Energy, to interact with each other and with the world by adding or subtracting these resources.

◽ Skills: Attack, heal, cast spells... you name it. Encapsulate almost any type of interaction in a file to later call it by name when it is necessary or desired.

◽ Waypoints: Spawn, pool, follow path, define territories. Eliot's Waypoints system lets you create a group of waypoints by simply clicking on a surface where you want a new Waypoint to be. You can use it to spawn prefabs inside the defined area in the Editor as well as in the Play mode or as a path with an option to change an Agent's Behaviour after it has reached a specific Waypoint.

◽ Optimization: Eliot can handle more than you probably need. Eliot Agents have multiple properties that let you optimize the performance if necessary by simply changing a value.

◽ Dynamic 'smartness' of AI: Difficulty of the game can be configured with just a few parameters on agents even without the reconfiguration of an Agent's HP or skills.

◽ Animation: Seamlessly integrate the system with the work of your designer. Eliot supports Mecanim as well as Legacy animations.

◽ Experiment-friendly: Copy and edit files of Skills and Behaviours without the need to worry about breaking anything.

◽ Audio: Just set desired audio clips for pretty much any of an Agent's actions.

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