Ultimate Door Script v1.5

Ultimate Door Script v1.5

The Ultimate Door Script is a light weight powerful script that cuts out all the fat. It will help you create any kind of door you need. It works great with models you bring in and even allows you to use the custom pivot point you made in the model.

Do you want to only allow specific objects through the door? EASY! You are in control and have an infinite range of possibilities!

Custom Animations? No problem. The script allows for you to use all the functionality of the script and still use your own custom animations.

Idle animations? Yes, you can asign an idle animation to the door as well as an intro, outro, finished opening, and finished exiting animation.

Learn? This is a very easy system to learn, in fact we have video tutorials, included documentation .PDF and online support via email. (That's just how we run the show here at Farris Arts.)

Everything you will ever need from a door script and more all for the price of lunch!
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