Landscape Generator 2

Landscape Generator 2

This package enables a whole new way of generating terrain!

There is a procedural generation option and an option that allows you to input your own terrains. The generator will generate trees, grass, water, textures, and other objects called detail objects that will appear on the terrain.

This package includes:
- A demo scene
- A demo prefab
- Scripts for generation the landscape during runtime and a script for generating landscapes.
- Documentation on all package aspects.
- A height map importer.
- A height map exporter.

Included in the landscape generator:
- Height map curve generation.
- Complete procedural terrain and object generation for unity terrains.
- Ease of use settings such as bounding box displays.
- Different texture layers for detailed terrains.
- Texture layer blend settings.
- Easy to understand documentation and tutorials.
- Use of perlin noise along with curves and island generation settings.
- Different button layouts for generating different terrain aspects.
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