Advanced Inspector 2.00a

Advanced Inspector 2.00a

You won't need to write custom editor ever again.

The Advanced Inspector gives you full control over how items are displayed, named, colored or even created, directly from attributes.

It streamlines the Inspector, putting right-clickable contextual labels for each fields. It gives unprecedented options, like the ability to copy/paste values!

How the Inspector handles and drawn item have been rewritten from scratch.

* 25 Attributes to fully control your class look and behaviour
* Watch and Save values at runtime
* Sortable list and array
* Copy/Paste per field!
* Apply/Revert per field!
* Dictionaries and Ranges
* Groups, Toolbars, Tabs and Previews!
* Add custom label, tooltip, color, and even URL to an help page online!
* Runtime attributes, gives your class dynamism
* Control what comes in and what comes out with properties
* Add buttons to invoke your functions with a click
* Subcomponents; unleash the power of composition
* Place an Inspector in your own EditorWindow
* Unlimited depth and inline edition
* Action Binding, similar to what Unity 4.6 GUI System
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