Multiscene v1.0.15

Multiscene v1.0.15

Multiscene makes working with multiple scenes easy. Simply by dragging a scene into the hierarchy view you can view multiple scenes at once. Allowing you to copy objects from other scenes and move objects between scenes. Each scene remains separate and can be saved individually.

Introductory bargain price & Unity 5 compatible

• Drag scenes into the hierarchy window.
• Quickly inspect another scene.
• Copy objects from other scenes.
• Move objects between scenes.
• Hide / Show individual scenes
• Lock scenes from editing
• Treat scenes as layers
• All scenes can be saved individually.
• Playmode works as normal with just the active scene played.

The more scenes you break the project into the easier it is to manage especially when working as part of a team. Multiscene makes working with scenes split up in this way a breeze.
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