Non Convex Mesh Collider v1.0

Non Convex Mesh Collider v1.0

Compatible with all Unity Versions starting with Version 5.

Super easy to use.

Solves the 'Non-convex Mesh Collider with non-kinematic Rigid Bodies are no longer supported in Unity 5.0' problem.

Works with every mesh.

Is blazing fast.

The script can be added to a gameobject at runtime or in the editor.

Generated colliders are storable as part of a prefab.

Allows using physics controlled objects of any shape, also non convex (=concave) ones, together with a Rigidbody, which has IsKinematic turned to false.

Works by creating compound colliders that approximate the shape of any mesh.

Save tons of time compared to creating colliders manually, let a script do the work!
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