xARM: Aspect and Resolution Master v1.8.2

xARM: Aspect and Resolution Master

xARM is the powerful and easy-to-use solution to get a real preview of your game.
- Preview at device's physical size
- Verify pixel perfectness
- Compare multiple resolutions while editing
- Batch screenshot export

"you'd be thankful you got this in your toolbox. Must buy asset!" - user review

No need to build to a device only to check:
- Is the GUI usable at resolution xy?
- What is the physical size of a button?
- Do the atlases switch correctly?
- Does the translation fit into its space?
- How does a change effect other resolutions?
- Does the player exactly see what was intended?
- ...

With xARM you see everything at a glance.
No need to be daunted by display fragmentation.
xARM yourself.

Asset version: 1.8.2
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