AI Designer Pro v1.0001

AI Designer Pro v1.0001

The ultimate AI system and combat kit for Unity. Craft complex AI without a line of code. With a few clicks, your people, wildlife, vehicles, zombies, etc instantly come alive!

What can you make? Combat agents (simple/light, or advanced), flying units, car racing AI, RTS units, tactical AI, companions, advanced wildlife, birds that flock, and more! One AI tool to learn for ALL your projects! Use AI Designer over and over, for any game, genre, AI need.

Key Features:
+ Visual Behavior Editors - no coding!
+ One-Click AI Setup from menu
+ Easy integration w/ other assets
+ FPS Shooter demo w/ Controllers
+ TONS of demo scenes
+ Combat System (Melee/Ranged)
+ Complete Health System + Auto Heal
+ Armor & Shields + Auto recharge
+ Object Pooling System (modular)
+ Advanced Weapons System
+ A* Pathfinding (Integrated w/ NavMesh)
+ Simple or Advanced pathfinding options
+ Advanced AI Move Controller
+ Goals & Needs
+ Built-In Dialogue System
+ A.I. Emotion & Feelings
+ Built-in Tactical Behaviors
+ Unlimited Factions
+ Supports Racing & Flying
+ Visual path editor for patrol paths
+ Procedural Animation Blender
+ Footsteps Manager
+ Mobile-ready
+ Editor extension is precompiled optimized DLL for speed
+ 3rd Party Ready:
(UFPS, Invector TPC, +more)
+ Extend with API & Scripts
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