WorldComposer v1.61


WorldComposer is a tool to extract heightmap data and satellite images from the real world. It can run as a standalone or as an extension for TerrainComposer.

Compatible with Unity 5.1 and higher, 2017.x and 2018.x

Its powerful features let you create high resolution AAA quality real world terrain with a few clicks.

For a quick overview of the main features I recommend to watch the WorldComposer trailer.

I invented a shadow removal algorithm that can make the satellite images shadow free. Shadows in imagery are problematic and removing them makes a huge difference in terrain rendering quality. Instead of having a fixed sun position to fit with the satellite images shadows, you can have day and night cycles.

- Works with Unity Pro and Free, also on Mac.
- Elevation Heightmaps resolution of max 10 meter per pixel.
- Satellite images resolution of max 0.25 meter per pixel. Jpg/png/raw format supported.
- Content aware fill to remove shadows, snow, etc. from combined raw images.
- Create huge multi-resolution terrains with different layers of detail. - Combine raw images to 1 big raw image. E.g. for editing in Photoshop.
- Split combined raw file into tiled images.
- Create terrains directly from exported areas with a click of a button.
- 3 different satellite images types, Aerial, Aerial with labels and roads.
- Global coverage.
- Convert ArcInfo ASCII heightmaps to 16 bit raw grey scale heightmaps.
- Create unlimited regions and areas and export any heightmap size or amount of image tiles.
- Export multiple areas.
- Scroll interface like Google maps.
- Exporting is Multi-Thread.
- Automatic version update inside WorldComposer.
- Works with TerrainComposer (as an extension).
- Works with RTPv3 and Horizon[On] (Optional).

Asset version: 1.61
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