Item Drop for the uMMORPG v1.12

Item Drop for the uMMORPG

Requires the uMMORPG package, UNET HLAPI Pro and basic C# knowledge

Allows you to drop items on the ground and modifies the way monsters drop loot to be individual items on the ground that can be picked up.

You can drop items from the inventory and equipment by just drag an item and drop it on the ground. The item will fall to the ground in front of our character.

Item visibility range depending on the Network Proximity Checker to prevent overloading people with items that aren’t within their visible range.

All items will be saved every few seconds, removed after picking up or after a period of time and loaded from the Database after server restart.

Loot will be dropped on the ground in a small distance, randomly around a killed monster.

You can disable or configure a period of time after which an item will be automatically removed from the game.

Hold down the LeftAlt key to see all item names in a certain distance around your character.

Hovering the cursor over an item will highlight it in white and display the name.

Item name color based on the rarity of the item.

Click on an item or label to pick it up. This only works when you have enough space in your inventory. Gold can always be picked up. If the character is outside of the interaction range, the character will move closer automatically to pick the item up.

Additional fields to set in the Item Template are Z Offset and rotation ( Rot X , Rot Y , Rot Z ). They have been added to match the standard models from uMMORPG. If you prepared your models the right way, before import them to Unity engine, you should not need to change anything here, but for the uMMORPG models it is necessary.

Asset version: 1.12
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