TransformPro v1.3.2

TransformPro v1.3.2

TransformPro extends the default Unity Transform inspector, adding a number of essential tools for laying out scenes.

‣ Local / World Space
Standard numerical controls and all new tools can be used in either local or world space.

‣ Multi-selection
All controls and tools now fully support multi selection.

‣ Snap!
Custom grid snapping system lets you snap positions and rotations to any angle, with easily modified grid size and offsets.

‣ Clipboard
Positions, rotations and scales can all be copied and pasted between objects. Now with point and click to set cursor position and multiple clipboard support!

‣ Resets
Buttons available to reset the entire transform, position, rotation or scale, either the whole component or a single axis.

‣ Available at Runtime!
All these features are available to you at runtime via a fully featured API.

‣ Drop to Ground
Quickly place objects on the floor or terrain using volume based grounding. With the new multi selection support, ground hundreds of objects with a single click!

‣ Nudges
Fold open the numeric controls to access sets of nudge buttons. Shift or right click to clone-and-nudge, making level building a snap! The clone tool now also retains prefab links.

‣ Randomise Clutter
You can quickly randomise rotations to assist with the placement of clutter objects.

‣ Bounds Visualisation
Toggle-able outlines help to visualise the space that objects are occupying within your levels. You can show combined Renderer and Collider bounds in either world or local space.

‣ Scene Gadgets
New system to provide on screen controls directly in the scene view. Helps keep the transform inspector clean and allows for tools to be used without any transform selected.
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