SVG Importer v1.1.6

SVG Importer

Vector Graphics in Unity

Virtual Reality supported.
Included futuristic UI Demo.

SVG importer automatically converts SVG files into highly optimised meshes and fully supports linear and radial gradients.

Simply drag and drop your SVG files directly in your scene. SVG importer fully mimics Unity native sprites so your team doesn't have to learn anything new. Extremely fast and simple workflow for rapid level design. Resolution independent ready for retina displays and fully supports the new
Unity UI system.
Compatible with
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Flash
• Corel Draw
• Affinity Designer
• Inkscape

• Fully cross platform
• UI rendering & 9 slice
• Realtime Import
• Realtime Mesh Modifiers
• Individual Layer Selection
• Automatic optimized colliders
• Frame by frame animation
• Unity dynamic lights
• Custom materials
• Geometry antialiasing
• Opaque & transparent rendering
• Manual level of detail
• Depth compression
• Custom pivot point
• Drag & Drop
• Recolor artwork
• File size reduction & compression
• Automatic sorting utility
• Particle system support

What am I buying?
• Commercial license of SVG Importer
• Full source code access
• Complete project examples
• Feature updates
• Video tutorials

SVG Importer fully Supports
• Simple & complex shapes
• Strokes and fills with transparency
• Linear Gradients
• Radial Gradients
• Conical Gradients
• Holes
• Clip Paths "absolute"
• Symbols

Does not support
• Filters 'blur, bevel, drop shadow, glow'
• Texture images

Asset version: 1.1.6
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