Shader Painter v1.5.1

Shader Painter

Shader Painter is still in BETA. Not all features are available. The price will increase with every BETA update. Buy it now at a reduced price to save 50%.
Any suggestions ? Help us shape this tool to your needs!

Shader Painter is a pixel painting tool which let you paint advanced materials effects.
More that a simple vertex tool, Shader Painter allows you to add extremely details shapes on a single polygon.

Some of the features :

- Paint advanced PBR shaders effects
- Pixel painting which let you paint detailed shapes on very low poly models
- Multi layers support (4 layers)
- Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) support
- Multiple ID materials
- Skinned mesh support
- Specular/Gloss and Metallic/Rough workflow
- Import custom brushes
- Simple interface to get a clear overview

Asset version: 1.5.1
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