See Through v1.0.2

See Through v1.0.2

When playing 3th person games you’ll notice that when the player gets obscured by any other object those are fading away so you will always see what happens to your game character.

See Through allows you to fade objects when they are in line of sight between the camera (or any other object) and its target. Works with all kind of assets including SpeedTree and the legacy trees. Objects can be linked together so an uniform fading is accomplished even if only one part of a complex object is obscuring the line of sight.

Some screenshots (and starting of the video) are taken from a game I'm developing, those assets are not included within this package.
All included assets used within the demo scenes are standard assets provided by Unity Tech.

- Works with any game object
- No special shaders involved
- Easy to setup
- Full source code included
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